Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratory

University of Ioannina - Department of Physics

Constantine Kosmidis

Current research interests and activities


 Study of the interaction of strong and/or short laser pulses with molecules and molecular clusters (multi-electron dissociative ionization, molecular alignment/orientation and molecular dynamics).

 High order harmonic generation and applications

 Development of analytical laser based techniques

 Thin film development by pulsed laser deposition.



Research experience / experimental techniques


 Ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy

 Resonant multiphoton ionization spectroscopy in static and supersonic jets

 Raman spectroscopy

 Laser induced fluorescence

 Mass spectrometry

 Laser ablation

 Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI)

 Pump/probe fs spectroscopy



Detailed CV (pdf)

Professor, Scientific Director of the Central Laser Facility, University of Ioannina


Division of Atomic and Molecular Physics,

Department of Physics, University of Ioannina

GR 45110, Ioannina , Greece


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