Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratory

University of  Ioannina - Department of Physics

Spyros Kaziannis

Current research interests and activities


· Alignment/ Orientation of gas phase polyatomic molecules with ω/2ω asymmetric fs laser fields

· Intramolecular Hydrogen migration processes (-formation of H2+ and H3+ fragment ions -) under strong fs laser fields:

· Time resolved fs mass spectrometry used to probe excited state dynamics in UV/ VUV spectral regime.



Research experience / techniques / skills


· Two Dimensional - Time Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy applied in liquid phase studies: (IVR processes, solute-solvent interactions, photo-induced structural changes/ reactivity of transient species with sub-picosecond resolution)

· HHG applied on Ramsey Type XUV- Spectrometry

· Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOFMS) in linear and reflecting configuration (R-TOFMS)

· Time resolved fluorescence/ absorption in the UV/Vis spectral regime with nsec resolution

· Hands on experience with fs/ ps and ns laser systems

· Hands on experience with UV/Vis & mid-infrared optical parametric amplifiers pumped by fs Ti: Sapphire laser pulses.



Detailed CV (pdf)


Assistant Professor


Division of Atomic and Molecular Physics,

Department of Physics, University of Ioannina 

GR 45110, Ioannina , Greece


Tel:  + 3026510-08533

Fax: + 3026510-08695

Office: Φ3-406β