Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratory

University of  Ioannina - Department of Physics


The scientific objectives and research goals of the Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratory (ATOMOL) are highly related to the fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure and dynamics, as well as to applications utilizing laser technology.  Specifically, a variety of spectroscopic techniques are exploited in the study of highly excited and auto-ionizing atomic states, as also in taming non-linear processes such as harmonic generation. Mass spectrometry techniques are routinely used for the study of molecular electronic states and the dynamics involved.  In addition, imaging techniques including pump-probe approaches are currently developed for the study of interaction of strong laser fields with atoms, molecules and molecular clusters, targeting on non-linear phenomena such as molecular alignment/orientation and molecular fragmentation. Theoretical studies, aligned to the experimental surveys, are provided by members of the laboratory. As far as the applied science is concerned, ATOMOL personnel practices analytical laser techniques, laser ablation, development of thin films, Bragg gratings in fibers, photonic sensors, and related applications of photonics in communications and industry.